WHEN VIRGIL GIBSON signs on as crewman for The Dixie Arrow, an Outer Banks-based fishing trawler owned by his friend, “Hurricane Jack” Delaney, he is seeking a respite from his failed marriage and his mundane life as a college professor. He has no idea of the world of danger and death that awaits him.  While fishing off the Carolina Coast, Jack and his crew are brutally murdered by a group of men masquerading as fishermen aboard another trawler. Virgil survives by hiding in a fish bin beneath a pile of shrimp and ice. He later flees the ship and spends a terrified night at sea clinging to a hatch cover and surrounded by sharks before he reaches shore on Hatteras Island. As a surviving witness, he knows he must not reveal his presence aboard the Dixie Arrow, which is officially listed as “missing at sea.” Haunted by the deaths of Jack and the crew, Virgil is determined to find their killers and bring them to justice. His quest draws him into the shadowy world of a dangerous adversary–a multi-millionaire with connections to rogue elements of the federal government. Virgil’s efforts are confounded by his growing romantic relationship with Nicole Andrisson, the millionaire’s beautiful and seductive mistress, whom he suspects of having betrayed Jack. Virgil’s odyssey forces him to search deep within himself–for the adventuresome, risk-taking spirit displayed by his boyhood friend, Hurricane Jack Delaney.  His own courage and daring are the only cards he has left if he is to survive.

Hatteras Moon offers a unique blend of adventure, suspense, romance, and international political intrigue. It launches in April of 2013.

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